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B & L SL-59 Lenses

Bausch & Lomb Monthly SL-59 lenses

Bausch & Lomb premier monthly disposable softlens contain 59% water, making you feel like you have nothing in the eye. The presence of Hilaficon B makes the user more comfortable, gives more visible accuracy and ensures effective performance. The non-ionic B Lens material reduces the protein intake and facilitates smooth lens/lid interaction. You can have an active lifestyle with these pair of lenses because of its comfortable wearing, easy handling and excellent visibility even in low light.

The Soflens 59 is made with UniFit Technology & 59% water content make these lenses as comfortable as wearing nothing in the eye. They have a Fresh feel round the year due to hygiene of a new lens every month.

Key Features

Lens Type             :                     Spherical Lens

Usage Duration  :                     Monthly Disposable

Lens/Box              :                     6 lens/box

Lens Material      :                     Hilafilcon B

Water Content    :                      59.0

Base Curve           :                      8.60 mm