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Contact Lenses

We provide Contact lenses which help you envision a world full of bright colours and nature’s beauty with high end clarity. Contact lenses are also known as medical instruments, which are either used by people cosmetically or therapeutically. Contact lenses can be differentiated on the basis of various lines and uses. They can be differentiated on the basis of primary function, material, wear schedule and replacement schedule.


Bausch & Lomb

Bausch + Lomb contact lenses provide excellent vision for your patients whether they are myopes, hyperopes, astigmats, or presbyopes.

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Ciba Vision

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Johnson & Johnson

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Other Lenses

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All Brands

Ciba Vision offering the most comprehensive eye health and vision care portfolio of products to serve the full life cycle of patient needs

Johnson & Johnson are the World's best selling spectacle lenses, renowned for providing great comfort and sharp, clear vision all day.

We provide other  lenses like Clear,Colour and Toric (Astigmatism).The spectacle lenses provide comfort and clear vision which are the needs of patients.