Glass Hi-Index Photochromatic 1.60

Lens Features

Provide visual comfort indoor & outdoor

20% thinner than glass 1.523

Clarity indoor 87% & darkness outdoor 85%

Benefit to Customer

Don’t need to carry 2 pairs

Provides visual comfort like goggles in strong sun light

100% safety from UV rays

Comfortable Vision in any light condition

Speed of darkness & reverseness in few minutes


Refractive Index (ne)                    1.60

ABBE Value (v)


Density (g/cm )(       )                     2.60

UV Cutoff (


Ultra Violet A(UVA)                         100%

Ultra Violet B (UVB)




Full darkness even at 40 degree temperature

Fast reading-at 22*C,70% of visible light is blocked out in 36 seconds

Glass Hi-Index Photochromic 1.60

Power Range

PG/PB Glass 1.6 Rx Range**                                    +6.00/-6.00 with 4 Cyl

PG/PB Glass 1.6 Rx Range**                                    +8.00/-10.00 with 4 Cyl

Note: ** For Above 4 Cyl Added Rs.250/Piece

Suitable for night driving

Lens Type

100% protection from harmful UV rays

Enmass Technology-dye is present on entire lenses not thin film on top & holds photo chromatic effect for longer period

Darken as per environment

Speed of darkening is within 2 minutes

Speed of reversing(fading) within 2 minutes

Available in SV, Bifocal & Progressive

Does not darken in a car because of the UV absorbers in the windscreen

Darkness as per requirement

Uniform darkening irrespective of lens thickness