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We offer other lenses which is easy to use and affordable in price.In the other lenses we have Clear,Colour and Toric(Astigmatism).In that we have Acme,Aqua Soft,Bio Con,Comfort Spherical,Silk Lenses,Glamour Eye,Aryan,Celebration,Acime Toric(Astigmatism),Comfort Toric(Astigmatism),Acme Toric(Astigmatism) and Oxymaxx Toric(Astigmatism) products.

View our clear contact lenses. Which contains Monthly and Yearly type of products.In that we have Acme,Aqua Soft,Comfort Spherical,Bio Con and Silk Lenses.

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View our colour contact lenses. Which contains Disposable and Yearly types of products.In that we have Glamoureye,Bio Con,Celebration,Aryan and Bio Con Yearly.




Other Lenses

View our Toric(Astigmatism) contact lenses. Which have Disposable and Yearly types of products.In that we have Acme Toric(Astigmatism),Comfort Toric(Astigmatism),Acme Toric(Astigmatism)and Oxymaxx Toric(Astigmatism),

Other Lenses