Proaspherica Progressive

Lens Features

Super soft design glass progressive lens

Wide, stable & aspheric distance portion

No unwanted astigmatism

Wider corridor width

Extensive reading area

Optimized binocular vision

No swimming effect & distortion in viewing area

Benefit to Customer

World thinnest progressive lens, glass 1.8 index

Excellent wide field of vision for all distance

Good adaption

Good for high plus & minus power

Available in all index

Available in PG 1.60 Hi-index lens

Technical Specification


Hard or Soft Design                    Super Soft




Aspheric Distance Area                   Yes

Width of Far Vision

30.5 mm

Proaspherica Design Mapping

Average Corridor Width                   7.1mm

Reading Width at 16 mm below fit point

15.5 mm

Reading Width at 20 mm below fit point 19.5 mm

Corridor Length

16 mm

Maximum Astigmatism                 1.75 Diopter

Temporal/Nasal Softness of Design

1.50/1.75 D

Clear Distance Angle From Fit Point     170 degree

Softness of Design

0.18 D

Minimum Fitting height                   18 mm

Suggested Fitting Height

21 mm

Proaspherica-Soft Design Normal Corridor (Min FH=18mm)

Lens Type

WT ProAspherica GLASS Prog 1.523 **     +6.00/-6.00 with 4 Cyl             O

Water Mark

PG/PB ProAspherica GLASS Prog 1.523**   +6.00/-6.00 with 4 Cyl             o

WT ProAspherica Glass Prog 1.6**          +6.00/-8.00 with 4 Cyl             O

WT ProAspherica Glass Prog 1.7**          -12.00 with 4 Cyl                    O

Note: ** For Above 4 Cyl Added Rs.250/Piece

Power Range

Wider field of vision for all distance

Slow progression of power

Guaranteed fast adaptation

WT ProAspherica Glass Prog 1.8**          -14.00 with 4 Cyl                    O

PG/PB ProAspherica Glass Prog 1.6 **       +6.00/-8.00 with 4 Cyl                  O