Taral Progressive

Lens Features

Best progressive design for Intermediate & Computer

Super soft, Multi design asymmetrical lens

Wider field of vision for reading & Intermediate distance

Good adaptability

No swim effect, distortion in reading zones

Maximum comfort level

Available in +0.75 & +1.25 Addition

Benefit to Customer

Clear, comfortable vision at near and Intermediate distances

Quick adaptation

Ideal for reading, computer & table work

Perfect vision up to a distance of 2 meters

Pro Comp Design Mapping

Pro-Comp (Office Progressive)

Lens Type

CR-39 Pro-Comp Prog 1.498 **    +4.00/-5.00 with 4 Cyl                  +

Water Mark

Note: ** For Above 4 Cyl Added Rs.250/Piece

Power Range

Available in 18mm fitting height